*uses “u” and “you” in the same sentence*

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asahi would totally do this don’t lie to me


asahi would totally do this don’t lie to me

ok so how about like. a network of people who can like. message each other just to rant. a rant network. you can decide whether you want to message anonymously or not, there would be a list that had everyone who’s willing to listen on it— u don’t have to rant if u don’t need to/if u don’t want to listen ur name won’t be on the list and the messages would have to contain an asterisk or something like *Rant* so that the listener is aware that it’s a rant/can message you to say idk *offline* when they aren’t feeling up to it/don’t have any spoons and maybe like *rant+advice* when they are open to or need advice

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This isn’t exclusively about Chinese women, but I think it’s pretty darn relevant to some of the issues discussed/to be discussed on this blog.

And, even though the examples used in this video were about Japanese women—it’s not a surprise that East Asians are treated as a single entity, without recognition of the wonderful diversity within each separate culture. Before we even get to the fact that these men care little to nothing about who you are as a person—they care little to nothing about your culture and heritage.

The number of times I’ve seen people say, “but I love Asians/Asian culture!” makes me want to high five them in the face with a chair. There is no love there, only misconceptions and fetishization and Western-centric idea of what this single entity called “Asia” is supposed to be.

(And I could go on about geek racism and the fetishization of East Asians because of media and popular culture…thank you otakus and weeaboos…..)

So, so relevant to people who identify as otaku, weeaboo or are ‘really into Asians’. Please watch this! She puts it so perfectly!

H E L L A!!!!!!!

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